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The professional crew of WANA (West Asia News Agency), with three decades of experience and equipped with up-to-date technologies in the most significant country of the Western Asia region (Iran), are ready to provide high-quality, round-the-clock services in the fields such as politics, economy, culture and arts, sports, society, and daily events. We are experienced in all categories of content production, from covering news to making documentaries. We are honored to have collaborated with the most influential and prestigious international news agencies, providing them with a wide range of services over the past 30 years.

WANA Coverage

Globally significant events are occurring in Iran daily. Our team constantly observes such stunning and vital events.


Live indoor and outdoor studio services are among the most substantial requests made by media around the world, for which our studio in Tehran has acquired a great deal of experience.

WANA Documentary

There are many unheard stories and beautiful places in Iran interesting to be heard and seen. WANA documentary video group will be with you to discover the attractions of the Persian land.

WANA Photo

Photos from inside Iran reveal the mysteries of our society and different aspects of life. WANA’s professional photographers can open this window for you. 

WANA Print

There are many news and stories about the land of Persians, which are exciting and engaging for many audiences worldwide, as one of the ancient great cradles of civilization in the history of humankind.

WANA Events

It is a vast and essential country in the Middle East, with a high volume of political news and high-ranking officials worldwide who frequently visit Iran.


A new experience in visiting Iran for media activists

So far, we have managed to obtain visas for hundreds of foreign media activists to cover various events in Iran. If you also want to visit Iran to provide news and make a documentary film, please contact us.

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