Live indoor and outdoor studio services are among the most substantial requests made by media around the world, for which our studio in Tehran has acquired a great deal of experience. WANA is ready to broadcast you live 24/7 upon your request through TVU equipment and at reasonable live coverage costs.

Covering live events, as well as taking care of scheduling and transportation for our invited experts, are included in our live services. We have a list of the best Iranian analysts who speak English, Arabic, and other languages and have collaborated with us for years. Considering the need for prior arrangements to cover live events, a request in advance can help us organize everything as expected.  

The process of live Events programs

  • Email your official LIVE request to WANA.
  • You will receive a LIVE rate card.
  • A list of experts will be sent to you.
  • Your colleagues at WANA will make all the arrangements with the program’s guests.
  • If needed, transportation of the program’s guests will be managed.
  • We will contact your MCR from the beginning to the end of the live show.



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